Vintage Riley Spares

RM Parts

RM 1 1/2 Crown Wheel and Pinions


Available in a 4.3 ratio


£525.00 ex + VAT

RM 2 1/2 and Healey


Available in a 3.5 ratio


£575.00 ea + VAT

RM 1 1/2 Rods


Made by Arrow using 'B series' shells (not supplied)


Rod Sizes

standard size 8 inch

3mm longer than standard


£265.00 ea + VAT

cwp 002

RM 2 1/2 Rods


Made by Arrow


Rod Sizes

standard size


£285.00 ea + VAT

RM 2 1/2 Pistons


Made by Omega

High compression


£480 per set of 4 also included, rings, gudgeon pins and wire circlips

Riley 2.5 piston


Prices are subject to change, please contact us via email or phone for price details.  VAT and delivery is on top of all orders.